ECB introduces a new Independent Cricket Regulator

ECB introduces a new Independent Cricket Regulator. This comes after the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) issued a damning report titled “Holding Up a Mirror to Cricket.”

The ECB has launch the Cricket Regulator, an independent organization tasked with supervising compliance and enforcing laws inside the sport, in a significant move aimed at tackling structural inequities in cricket.

This move comes after the ICEC issued a damning report titled “Holding Up a Mirror to Cricket. ” Which shone light on discrepancies across race, gender, and class.

The 317-page study, published in June, chastised the ECB for serving as both a promoter. A regulator of the game, noting “irreconcilable” conflicts of interest. The study emphasized deficiencies in dealing with the racism problem sparked by Azeem Rafiq’s statements regarding his experiences in Yorkshire.

In response to the ICEC’s request, the ECB also said in September that it would create an independent committee to investigate regulatory violations and make judgments on potential charges. The Cricket Regulator, which introduced on Monday. Overseen by an independent Cricket Regulatory Board, assuring independence from the ECB.

The Cricket Regulator’s primary tasks include reviewing report instances and assessing. If there is sufficient evidence to put them before the Cricket Discipline Panel. In addition The regulator’s power now includes safeguarding, integrity. ( Including anti-corruption, misconduct, and anti-doping), and anti-discrimination. Which were formerly within the purview of the ECB.

Dave Lewis, a veteran police chief with over 30 years of law enforcement experience. Named as the Cricket Regulator’s temporary director. His position include forming the body prior to the appointment of a permanent replacement in 2024.

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Lewis emphasize the significance of upholding high standards in areas such as anti-discrimination

“The Cricket Regulator will oversee a wide range of issues for which the game has establish clear guidelines, including anti-discrimination. ” Also according to ESPN Cricinfo. “The team and I are clear about the importance of meeting high standards in ensuring people across the game know what is expect of them. Having the best procedures in place to protect and promote the good of the game, and everyone involve.”

Moreover, Richard Gould, chief executive of the ECB, expressed support for the Cricket Regulator’s formation, emphasizing its independence from the ECB.

“It’s critical that the game has the best processes in place to enforce regulations. ” The ICEC study suggest that we increase the independence of the game’s regulatory process. The Cricket Regulator will accomplish under the supervision of an independent Cricket Regulatory Board.

“The Cricket Regulator is ring-fence from the ECB. Separation will also ensure that their work is distinct from our work as the game’s promoter,” Gould said in a statement.

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