John Blain takes on Scotland Cricket after being acquitted of racial behaviour charges

John Blain takes on Scotland Cricket after being acquitted of racial behaviour charges. Scotland Cricket suspended the cricketer and took him out of the Hall of Fame.

John Blain accuse of making racial remarks to Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh on the 2007 Kenya tour. Scotland Cricket suspended the cricketer and removed him from the Hall of Fame. After more than a decade, he acquitted of the claims and has demand. A comprehensive and public investigation into the board’s activities.

Blain has played 118 matches for Scotland in all formats. His case was not the only one at stake, as an independent investigation in July 2022 uncovered numerous additional issues. The study found Scotland Cricket to be institutionally racist, prompting the resignation of the board. Blain turned to his ‘X’ (previous Twitter name) to urge for an open probe.

It is offensive to all marsupials to refer to the manner in which Cricket Scotland and Sportscotland handled that report at first as a “kangaroo court. “It’s evident to me that, instead of releasing this lucid and comprehensive ruling that completely clears me. Cricket Scotland is once again frightened of the tiny. “Anti-racist” faction that has had such a negative impact on our game,” Blain posted on his ‘X’ handle.

“It’s time the truth about one of the biggest sporting scandals of recent times is finally reveal. My life been put on hold for far too long. ” Eight years after accusing me of using a racist term, Majid made a strong effort to convince me to become a professional player-coach for his club, Clydesdale. He also suggested me for one-on-one coaching with several Asian players. Indicating that if he really thought I am a racist.

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Scotland ruling the Group B roster in T20 World Cup 2024

Scotland is currently competing in the T20 World Cup 2024, which is taking place in the United States and the West Indies.

The team leads Group B with two wins in three games, with one game against England rained out due to weather. They will next face the powerhouse Australians, and a victory will secure their Super 8 position.

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