On Republic Day the Prime Minister made a global outreach to foreign researchers, intellectuals, and athletes.

On Republic Day the Prime Minister made a global outreach to foreign researchers, intellectuals, and athletes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote handwritten letters to each of India’s remote academics; analysts, researchers, vocalists, and also athletes on the occasion of the country’s 73rd Republic Day. The letters are part of a larger celebration of India’s 75th anniversary of independence, which is currently underway. The ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ has also conducted by the Indian government to commemorate India’s opportunity war.

On Republic Day the

The achievements and contributions of the receiver’s particular fields of expertise are acknowledged in PM’s letters. Academics, researchers, and teachers play a critical role in pushing the boundaries of knowledge; by constantly venturing into new frontiers and sharing it with society; according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a note to Polish researcher Krzysztof Iwanek; whose area of expertise also includes Indian history and politics.

“…this year’s 26th January is even more significant because it falls on the 75th anniversary; of India’s independence from colonial rule. As a result, I decided to write to you and a few other Indian friends; expressing my gratitude for your support for India and expressing; my hope that you will continue to work closely with our country and people,” he said.

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“People like you are writing the world’s future, enhancing its intellectual capital and also ensuring that future generations benefit from it. You have played a vital part in building a conducive atmosphere for a global agreement; on security concerns by educating the world about Asia, its issues, and its security dynamics,” he added.

Jonty Rhodes and Chris Gayle, both cricketers, also received a letter honoring their ties to India.

“Over the years, you have built a great relationship with India and its culture;” the Prime Minister wrote in his letter to Rhodes. When you named your daughter after this magnificent country, you genuinely expressed this special bond. You are truly a unique ambassador for solid international connections.

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Gayle also posted a tweet on the letter; saying it “reaffirms” his “deep personal ties with him (PM) and the Indian people.”

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