Benaud-Qadir Trophy: Australia’s to begin with Test arrangement in Pakistan in 24 a long time is revealed 

Benaud-Qadir Trophy: Australia’s to begin with Test arrangement in Pakistan in 24 a long time is revealed.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam and Australia captain Pat Cummins unveiled the Benaud-Qadir Trophy; on Wednesday at the Pindi Cricket Stadium, ahead of the first Test, which begins on Friday. The Benaud-Qadir Trophy will also presenting to the victorious team in Lahore; Pakistan cricket’s heartland, where the three-match arrangement will come to a close. Benaud-Qadir Trophy: Australia’s to begin with Test arrangement in Pakistan in 24 a long time is revealed 

Benaud-Qadir Trophy: Australia's to begin with Test arrangement in Pakistan in 24 a long time is revealed.
Benaud-Qadir Trophy: Australia’s to begin with Test arrangement in Pakistan in 24 a long time is revealed.

The Benaud-Qadir Trophy was reveals on Wednesday at the Pindi Cricket Stadium; by Pakistan captain Babar Azam and Australia captain Pat Cummins ahead of the first Test, which begins on Friday. The Benaud-Qadir Trophy will also be award to the victorious team; in Pakistan cricket’s headquarters in Lahore, where the three-match series will conclude.

Benaud and Qadir were two skill, illustrious; and well-respected cricketers who served the game with honor, pride, and distinction in different eras. Benaud popularized wrist-spin bowling as an offensive and wicket-taking option; an art that was later elevates to new heights by Qadir, who put in some fantastic performances against top-notch hitters; at a time when express fast bowlers ruled the roost.

Qadir took 45 wickets in 11 Tests against Australia, including 33 wickets in two three-Test series; against Kim Hughes and Allan Border’s sides in 1982 and 1988, respectively. Benaud captained Australia on their first full trip to Pakistan in 1959, winning the series 2-0,;whereas Qadir took 45 wickets in 11 Tests against Australia, winning the series 2-0. From 1952 to 1964, Benaud grabbed 248 wickets in 63 Tests; whereas Qadir made his Test debut in 1977 and finished with 236 wickets in 67 Tests by 1990. 

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For their individual misdeeds, accomplishments, and achievements, Benaud was induct into the ICC Corridor of Notoriety in 2009; while Qadir was induct into the PCB Corridor of Acclaim in 2021.

“The creation of the Benaud-Qadir Trophy will include additional setting and zest to the Pakistan-Australia; Test arrangement, which has generally been well-contest and hard-fought,” said PCB Chief Official Officer Faisal Hasnain. I am persuades that our activity will motivate players on both sides; which they will want to be the primary to touch the trophy. In the interim, Pakistani cricket fans are looking forward to seeing two wonderful groups compete for the inaugural Benaud-Qadir Trophy.”

With Australia visiting Pakistan for the primary time in 24 a long time; Cricket Australia Chief Official Officer Scratch Hockley depicted the Test arrangement; as “energizing and noteworthy.” “In that sense, it is also characteristic that we may honor two awesome legends of the diversion; Richie Benaud and Abdul Qadir, by introducing a trophy for which the two sides will compete,” he stated. Pakistan and Australia had played 25 Test arrangement earlier to the Benaud-Qadir Trophy; with Australia winning 13 and Pakistan winning seven.

“To be able to play for the Benaud- Qadir Trophy for the first time is a big honor;” Australia’s newly chosen  Captain Pat Cummins stated. As contemporary players, we are truly standing on the shoulders of those who came; before us and helped to expand and promote the game, and if my team can win that trophy; at the end of this series, it will be the ideal end to the Test portion of this historic trip.”

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Stamp Taylor’s side won 1-0 in Pakistan’s final domestic arrangement against Australia in 1998; and Sarfaraz Ahmed’s side won 1-0 in Pakistan’s final domestic arrangement against the Joined together Middle easterner Emirates in 2018. The foremost later Test arrangement between the two sides took put in Australia in 2019, with Australia winning 2-0.

“The game is today healthy, prosperous, and powerful due of such men and their legacy;” Babar Azam, the Pakistan coach, said. “As such, we must constantly appreciate and acknowledge their contributions and services.”

“We’ve set our sights on the Benaud-Qadir Trophy, and both teams will have to give it; their all in this series as it promises to be a fiercely competitive match. This series will also greatly improve the standard of Test cricket; which cricket fans in the stadiums and throughout the world can enjoy,” he stated.

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