Mitchell Johnson has warned Tim Paine on the reception he could get from the Barmy Army “It’s going to be very difficult”

Mitchell Johnson, a former Australian sprinter, has cautioned Tim Paine about the possible reaction of the Barmy Army. Paine, according to Johnson, must thoroughly prepare himself to filter out the noise and focus on doing well if given the opportunity.

The sexting scandal that led Tim Paine to dramatically resign as Test captain will almost certainly be a fascinating. Undercurrent in the forthcoming Ashes series. Despite his desire to continue playing, the 36-year-statistics old’s are insufficient to secure a berth in the starting eleven.

“It’s going to be very difficult. It’s very difficult. He’s pretty confident that he can handle it ,so I think that’s a good start if you have that confidence. But I’ve already seen something on the news that the Barmy Army have already got the songs ready and waiting.” he said

Mitchell Johnson, who bowled some of his finest spells against England in the 2013-14 series, did an excellent job of drowning out the din.

With his hostile bowling, the former left-arm seamer terrorized the tourists, taking 37 wickets in five Tests to help Australia sweep England.

Tim Paine

Mitchell Johnson

Johnson expressed interest in seeing how Paine deals with the mind games. While admitting that the Barmy Army’s tunes can be “catchy.”

“They do get to you. If I had any advice, it’s to be really prepared for it as best you can, and try to block it out. I don’t know how he will do that, but we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.” he said

“My problem was I started singing all the songs because they’re so catchy, that’s the issue. You don’t realise at the time; it actually has a bit of an effect on you. He’s going to have to figure a way to block it out.” he added

The entire Australian team is poised to face extra criticism after losing back-to-back Test series to India at home. Due to England’s dismal record in Australia, they will start as favorites.

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