How to Register in 1CRIC: Simple Steps & Guide

1CRIC is an online betting site that proceeds to acknowledge modern players. Who ought to enroll in the beginning to play on the site. In this registration direct, we take you through the method of enlistment. The confirmation of the account, welcome reward, and versatile location enlistment, among other perspectives of 1Cric.

1CRIC Registration – Step-by-step Guide

1. On your Versatile Phone or PC, please visit the 1CRIC your Mobile Phone or PC, please visit the 1CRIC site. At that point, you’ll be redirected to the 1CRIC homepage. Which looks similar to the appeared picture below for your reference.

2. In this next step to register in the 1CRIC, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Mobile Device – If you’re employing a Mobile device to register 1CRIC then you’ve got to click on the “Login” option and after that, you will be directed to the login screen. Here you’ll see different choices like “Login”, “Sign Up” and Sign-in with google. You’ll be able to click on Sign-up.
  • Desktop or PC Version – On the PC or Desktop form, if you would like to register yourself in 1CRIC. Tap on the “Join” which is right at the over right corner.

For your reference, You can check there if you have difficulties finding the info provided above. The picture is provided below.

3. If you have followed our step-to-step guide for the methods of registration in 1CRIC till now then you’ll certainly be sure that 1CRIC is simple to register. In this step, you’ve got to provide your personal details and set up your User Id and password. You can take after the following or can check the picture which you can find below as well.

  • Username – Username must be alphanumeric and the one which you’ll keep in mind. For example, “player123”..
  • Password – Same as of username, the password should be alphanumeric and you have got to make sure that you just do not disclose this password to anybody. Not even to 1CRIC client benefit agents for your account safety. For case, “abc12345”.
  • Reconfirm Password – In this section, you just have to repeat the same password which you have made in the previous step so as to confirm if there’s any spelling error. So as for the example, we set up before “abc12345” as a password we need to re-submit the same in this section.
  • Phone Number – Please give your 10-digit phone number in this section. This is to verify through OTP so as to discover you’re human not a bot.
  • Affiliates ID – This section can take off empty as it is optional. But if you have a friend who gave you an Affiliate ID then you can insert it in this section. But otherwise, just leave it empty
  • OTP – This you may receive on the phone number given by you in one of the steps previously mentioned. It could be a 6-digit code. Which you have to enter this section and then click verify.
  • Last step in the process of registration – Check all the details filled by you within the previous steps while filling this frame. Once you checked it thoroughly and are ready to proceed all you need to do is click on the button stating “Create New Account” or “Create A Free Account”

Please check the given picture for your reference which is given below for your convenience.

During the process of registration, When you have any troubles or if you’ve got any questions, you can always contact our Client Service Support. They will be happy to assist you and available 24/7.

Let’s play and Register now!

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